Kylie Jenner gets a new tattoo

Los Angeles, November 10 (CINEWS): Kylie Jenner, 18, got a word tattooed on her hip on Nov. 7 and she shared the procedure on Snapchat, however, no one can tell what it says! Could the jotted dark ink be the name of her sweetheart, Tyga, 25? tygakyliejenner759
Until Nov. 7, Kylie just had one tattoo: a modest minimal red heart on the back of her cleared out arm. Presently, she’s included another bit of workmanship, and this time she’s going for attractive rather than cutesy! The tattoo is a fragile dark word to her left side hip, keeping in mind it looks super cool from the Snapchat video she shared from the parlor, we have no stinkin’ thought what it could be! Then again, it looks about the right length to be a sure beau’s name, and when she turns the camera to her face, we can see that Tyga is in that spot adjacent to her. We’re certain Kylie has an uncovering or something to that affect arranged, on the grounds that after the sneak look at the tat, she does an “shh” sign. It’s alright, Kylie, we can keep a mystery.

What’s more, that is not all Kylie did at the tattoo shop. Clearly she thought she should attempt her hand at tattooing while she’s there, on the grounds that a cluster of taking after snaps demonstrate her with a tattoo firearm close by, inking a red “K” with a crown over it (apparently for “Ruler Kylie”) onto an edge of free space on a man’s leg. While we can’t say that we’d let a 18 year old tattoo us, we must let it be known turned out looking really cool. Maybe Kylie has discovered her calling!

We’re simply passing on to see what Kylie had inked on her hip. Regardless of what it will be, it’s ensured to be cool, chic, and likely the most mainstream tattoo on the planet on the grounds that armies of Kylie fans will race to get their own.

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