Kylie Jenner suffers from work anxiety

Los Angeles, March 13 (IANS) Reality TV personality Kylie Jenner struggles with anxiety when she is not working as she enjoys developing her business.

“Mom told me I was great with business, and I should get involved with that. She is an amazing businesswoman herself who has been a major influence on me over the years. So I took her advice,” Kylie told

“When I am not working, I get anxiety. Already, I am expanding my lip kits and developing new products like eye shadow, eye liner, concealer and bronzer. When I get up in the morning, I can’t wait to start working,” she added.

The 18-year-old also feels she has become more of an introvert since she has found fame.

She said: “I’m not a shy person and when I was younger, I was so crazy. Every time my mum would have people over, I’d make everyone come in and watch me do my dance moves.”

“It was so wild. And I feel like growing up in the spotlight, it just made me a more introverted person. Now I can’t walk in a room and talk to people. It’s weird. I’m super-reserved and introverted but I know everyone knows who I am.”

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