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New Delhi, July 23 (ANI): Suffering from throat cancer, Tom Moore, who brought to life the escapades of the freckle-faced comic character Archie, took his last breath on Monday in his home town of El Paso, Texas.

After the tragic incident, fans of the 86-year-old cartoonist took Twitter to express their grief and flooded the social networking site with pictures and clips from the hit cartoon series.

Thanking the cartoonist one fan wrote, “Thank you, #TomMoore! If you would not have created this droll, my childhood would have been humdrum. Rest in Peace!”

Meanwhile, another fan tweeted, “Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, Moose, Dilton…thank you for so many friends #TomMoore RIP.”

Moore, who began drawing cartoons while he was in the U.S. Navy, drew Archie Andrews and his friends on and off from 1953 until he retired in the late 1980s. (ANI)

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