Lahore eatery renders apology after waiter assaults customer

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Lahore, July 31 (IANS) A restaurant in Pakistan’s Lahore city issued an apology over a “hot headed” waiter who allegedly assaulted a guest before fleeing the place.

Government official Ahsan Anwer Khokar — who visited Rina’s Kitchenette in the city’s Defence Housing Authority (DHA) with his family — was reportedly attacked by an unruly waiter with a tray after he complained about his order being too late. The incident occurred Friday night, eyewitnesses said.

The video of the incident, recorded by an eyewitness, went viral on social media before being the uploader removed it on the victim’s request, Dawn online reported.

“One of the waiters just slashed a wooden board on a customer’s face right across our table three times and then broke a glass on the other table where another family was sitting. The client’s face was bleeding profusely and everyone was traumatised and is still shaken,” said Shayan Azmat, the eyewitness who recorded the whole incident on video.

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“The victim only wanted to meet the manager because they kept him waiting for 40 minutes for their order and then they said that the particular food was not available,” another eyewitness wrote in a post on social media.

The restaurant’s management, in a post on its Facebook page on Saturday, apologised and claimed that they have submitted a request to the police to register an FIR against the waiter on the eatery’s behalf.

The restaurant management claimed that “there is no other side of the story. The waiter was hot headed and acted in rage and we strongly believe that there is no amount of provocation that justifies his act.”



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