Landslides affect perishable goods markets in Darjeeling

Siliguri, (West Bengal), July 7 (ANI): Repeated landslides occurring in different parts of Darjeeling district are badly affecting perishable goods markets in the region.

Siliguri, which supplies perishable items to almost all north-eastern states, is finding it increasingly tough to send or receive any goods.

Secretary of the Regulated Business Organisation, Tapan Kumar Saha, said that the landslides are seriously affecting their business and appealed to the government to take serious steps to sort out the problem.

“All the roads have been closed. We request the government to clear the paths and open the roads as soon as possible,” said Saha.

With the main roads connecting Siliguri to the north-east being closed due to the landslides, the entire region is facing a food crisis.

One of the traders from Sikkim, Prakash Sharma, said that there is a huge decline in the business due to the natural calamity which has hit Darjeeling.

“The roads are all blocked and the business is seriously hit and unless the roads are opened the situation will not change. The business has seen a drop of 35-50 percent,” said Sharma.

More than 40 people have died and around 500 were displaced in massive landslides that had occurred in Darjeeling since July 01. (ANI)

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