Laud Pak Parl panel’s ‘advice’ to Sharif: Defence expert

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New Delhi, Feb. 2 (ANI): Expressing complete support to a Pakistani parliamentary panel advising Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif against encouraging “active support” to “armed, banned and militant” groups in Kashmir, defence expert Deepankar Banerjee on Wednesday said that the move was indicative of a possibility of less terrorism in India.

“Pakistan parliamentary panel has rightly advised their government. If this continues Pakistan will be denied international aid, trade. We expect from now onwards at least for several of months from now there will no terrorist activity will take place,” Banerjee told ANI.

Asserting that the global opinion towards Pakistan was changing as they were the originators of ‘terrorism’, he said that it was about time for Islamabad to take concrete steps.

“Across the globe, the originators and fountainhead of terrorism is accepted to be in Pakistan as well as in West Asia. Pakistan and terrorism have become synonymous and as a consequence, they have facing backlash from across the world,” he added.

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The defence expert warned that if Pakistan does not mend its ways, soon enough they will face boycott from the world, which will include being denied international aid and support.

Earlier, a Pakistani parliamentary panel has advised Islamabad against encouraging “active support” to “armed, banned and militant” groups in Kashmir.

“Pakistan should not encourage calls for active support of armed, banned, militant groups in Kashmir,” stated a four-page policy paper issued Monday by the National Assembly Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs. (ANI)

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