Lawmakers to submit Amendment proposals on Constitution of Nepal by Thursday

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Kathmandu, Jan. 5(ANI): Nepal Speaker Onsari Gharti Magar has given 72 hours to the lawmakers to register their amendment proposals on the bill on first amendment of the country’s Constitution.

Lawmakers have to register their amendment proposals till Thursday afternoon.

The Speaker has a choice to form a committee to organise and manage the proposals before beginning clause-wise discussion on the bill and putting it to vote, reported The Himalayan Times.

The time provided for amendment proposal would be meaningful if the three major political parties and agitating Madhes-based parties could find ways to address the concerns of the agitating parties and register a proposal based on consensus by Thursday afternoon.

According to sources, Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Agni Prasad Kharel requested the agitating UDMF to utilise the 72 hours to find solutions and resolve the Tarai agitation through parliamentary process.

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Earlier, the bill registered by Nepali Congress-led government was rejected by the agitating parties stating that their major concern related to changing the existing seven-province federal model was not mentioned in it.(ANI)

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