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Leadership camps help youth develop confidence and communication skills

If there is one complaint many parents have about their children’s generation, it is their obsession with social media which has reduced their exposure and need for verbal communication. A local Mississauga resident Glynis D’Souza a mother of two boys 17 and 22 realized that in our social media driven world, there’s a great need for emotional Intelligence and the human connection. “Youth of today are just not communicating with each other or with their parents because they lack social skills. This hampers them in their relationships as well as their job search and career advancement,” she says, having seen this happen to so many young men and women struggling to enter relationships and the workforce.

Glynis, a certified speaker, trainer and coach and part of the worldwide John Maxwell Leadership Team decided to do something about it. she started YouthMax Youth Communication and Leadership Camps for children aged 10-17. The YouthMax Camp consists of 4 sessions of 2 hours at the Erin Meadows Community Centre from 6.30-8.30 pm Thursday. There are 4 Camps throughout the -Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall in February, May, August and November.

The camps are a combination of public speaking and leadership lessons and have proven a big hit with the youth and their parents.

Each of these 4 camps have a different theme -Stand Up and Be Counted (Anti-Bullying); Failing Forward to Success (Learning from Failure); Self Image and Personal Character.

Each camp session covers four leadership values like Choices, Growth, Attitude, Commitment, etc. for a total of 16 different values throughout the year.

Every camp starts with a Self-Assessment and a DISC personality report which covers the strengths and growth points of each personality type as well as some possible career choices for each personality. This is a year-long program with none of the leadership lessons overlapping, making each camp unique in its curriculum.

The sessions are very interactive with speeches, debates, icebreakers and video/audio clips. The students have binders with handouts to Share or Reflect on each of the leadership lessons.

The final session includes an Award ceremony where each student is presented with custom certificates and parents are invited to the award presentations.

Glynis often collaborates with other Youth Leadership coaches like Kwesi Millington, Kavitha Aanand and others to add more variety to the program.

Parents who’ve signed up their kids are thrilled that their children are learning communication skills and gaining the much-needed confidence. “I signed up my kids for this class so that they are better prepared to not just speak in front of an audience but are also able to speak their mind with confidence,” says Vidhya Kripashankar, mother of two children Vidyuth and Kimaya who are enrolled in the current program.

After being asked by many parents about a program for adults, Glynis is running one called Know. Grow & Soar which involves discovering and developing one’s strength.

In April she will be conducting complimentary sessions for youth as part of the Global Youth Initiative by the John Maxwell team. For further information visit httpsssss:// -CINEWS

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Melanie Pereira March 2, 2019 at 8:29 am

Glynis D’souza is an amazing mentor and friend. I met her through Toastmasters and have attended her John Maxwell Mastermind Sessions. She is an intuitive and perceptive leader and recognized the potential in me. I would highly recommend attending Glynis’ workshops and seminars.

Glynis D'souza March 5, 2019 at 5:53 am

Thank you Melanie for your kind words. It’s been amazing to see you grow and soar into the strong leader you’ve now become!


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