Legendary director Frank Darabont’s art on auction block

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From the Frank Frazetta collection

Profiles in History, the world’s #1 auction house for Hollywoodmemorabilia once again brings an exclusive collection to market from one of the industry’s most prolific directors.  Following the hugely successful sale of Frank Frazetta art from the collection of Dave Winiewicz, collectors can enjoy comic and illustration art, including select works from the personal collection of legendary writer, director and producer, Frank Darabont.  The auction will take place at the Profiles in History Headquarters in Calabasas, CA on Saturday, July 30th at 11:00am PST.

The auction will be presented in two sessions. Session One, The Frank Darabont Collection, includes original works by master artists Bernie Wrightson, Mike Mignola, Sanjulian, Jack Davis, Will Eisner, Eric Powell, Bob Peak, Rich Corben, Vaughn Bode, a bronze of the “Cyclops” creature by Ray Harryhausen, and rare movie posters including the only known Frankenstein 1941 Italian 4-fogli, and much more.

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Frank Darabont’s “The Swamp Thing”

Session Two comprises a superb collection of vintage comic and illustration artwork including the finest original oil paintings by Frank Frazetta ever offered at auction, a wealth of works by “The Studio” artists Bernie Wrightson, Mike Kaluta, Jeffery Jones, and Barry Windsor-Smith, as well as Spider-Man art by John Romita, a Golden Age cover by Jack Kirby, horror and fantasy art by Richard Corben, an important work by John Buscema, among many other pieces by notable masters of the comic medium. Most of these works have been hidden away in private collections for decades, and this sale represents the first and likely only chance to obtain them.

A set of (2) spectacular 10.5 x 14.5 in. limited edition coffee table catalogs is available now for $95 including domestic shipping. Both are beautifully illustrated with original high resolution scans on archival matte paper revealing exceptional detail, technique, and vivid color in the artwork as never seen before. Additionally, theFrank Darabont Collection Auction catalog features a personal introduction written by Frank. (A very limited version of the catalog bookplate-signed by the director is also available.)

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“One thing I’ve always known is this amazing art wouldn’t be mine forever. It couldn’t be. We don’t own these things. We can only be their caretakers for a time, enjoying them as much as possible until inevitably they must pass on to the next caretaker” said Frank Darabont. “For me, that time has come. I won’t lie to you and say that parting with these things is easy. Trust me, it really, really isn’t. But the time for everything passes, and so has my position as caretaker. I will be ever grateful for the joy these wonderful pieces of art have brought me. I can only hope that they will bring their next caretakers (and all caretakers after that, ad infinitum) equal or greater joy.”

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Interested bidders from around the world can participate at the auction in person, by telephone, fax, submit absentee bids or participate online in real time from anywhere with internet access across the globe. – PRNewswire

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