Lena Dunham pens apology to Odell Beckham Jr.

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Los Angeles, Sep 4 (IANS) Actress Lena Dunham has apologised to American football star Odell Beckham Jr. for accusing him of ignoring her at Met Gala.

The gala was held in May, and the actress opened up about the event in an interview with actress Amy Schumer that was published in her Lenny Letter newsletter. One day after the interview that faced backlash, Dunham followed up with an apology.

The 30-year-old star took to Instagram on Saturday to post an apology to the 23-year-old New York Giants player for accusing him of snubbing her and making her feel like a “marshmallow” at the Met Gala, reports dailymail.co.uk.

Dunham explained that she let her “insecurities” and “narcissistic assumptions” get in the way of rational thinking.

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She posted: “I owe Odell Beckham Jr an apology. Despite my moments of bravado, I struggle at industry events (and in life) with the sense that I don’t rep a certain standard of beauty and so when I show up to the Met Ball surrounded by models and swan-like actresses it’s hard not to feel like a sack of flaming garbage. This felt especially intense with a handsome athlete as my dinner companion and a bunch of women I was sure he’d rather be seated with.”

In the interview, Dunham and Schumer commiserated over feeling out of place at the 2016 Met Gala. And Dunham told Schumer that she sat next to Beckham Jr., whom she accused of ignoring her and claimed he formed a judgement of her based on her appearance

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In a lengthy letter of contrition, Dunham added: “But I went ahead and projected these insecurities and made totally narcissistic assumptions about what he was thinking, then presented those assumptions as facts…I feel terrible about it. Because after listening to lots of valid criticism, I see how unfair it is to ascribe misogynistic thoughts to someone I don’t know at all.”



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