Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar win ups spinning tops’ sales

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London, Mar 6 (ANI): When Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his hands on an Oscar after decades in the business and a plethora of nominations for the coveted Academy Award, sales of spinning tops saw a small surge.

DiCaprio’s character in the 2010 science-fiction film ‘Inception’ was a thief, who infiltrated the subconscious of his victims. In a world where dreams and real life are difficult to distinguish, Dominic Cobb relied on a small top, his totem, to check if he was awake (the spinning top slows and topples) or dreaming (it spins for ever).

Will Cutler, a product designer from Burton upon Trent, explained that DiCaprio’s Best Actor Oscar win was celebrated by the Internet with a meme showing the actor using his top to check if he was dreaming or if he had actually got his hands on a gold statue.

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As per Cutler, the 26-year-old designer of the Vorso MK1 top, this was enough to cause “an upturn in business.” He said “I’m serious man. I’m worried we won’t have enough stock.” (ANI)

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