Leslie Jones dating ‘Sexiest Teacher Alive’

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Leslie Jones caught up in Twitter flirting! 

On Saturday afternoon, New Jersey teacher Nicholas A. Ferroni was catching up on his DVR when he got to watch Lin-Manuel Miranda’s episode on Saturday Night Live.

While the Broadway veteran and the political skits certainly grabbed his attention, it was Leslie Jones who really stole the show.

“Finally got to watch @Lin_Manuel’s EP of #SNL and I LOVED the teacher segment,” Nicholas shared online. “And yes, @Lesdoggg, my students think that AXE smells good.”

Less than 24 hours later, Leslie saw Nicholas’ tweet and immediately did a double-take. After all, People named him the “Sexiest Teacher Alive.” What came next was some playful flirting.

“Are single too?” Leslie shared on Twitter. “Ummmmmm. Am I your type?

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“I don’t have a type and don’t forget I have 150 kids,” Nicholas responded.

When the comedian followed up and asked if they will join them on a date, Nicholas played it cool by responding, “That would require way too many permission slips.”

“Sooooooooo,” Leslie responded. “Want my number?”

When Nicholas asked if she really wanted her digits all over Twitter, Leslie made it clear that she’s done her part to get the ball rolling. “I’m not doing anymore work,” she wrote. “If you interested, you will get me.”

Nicholas added, “You’re right and I will.”

We are happy for her. It was not too long ago the “Ghostbusters” star said she was sick and tired of getting trolled online, adding that all of the hate being spewed at her brought her to tears.

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“I leave Twitter tonight with tears and a very sad heart. All this cause I did a movie,” the “Saturday Night Live” player tweeted after a series of tweets calling out people who have repeatedly bombarded her with racist and misogynistic comments since she was cast in the rebooted comedy. “You can hate the movie but the s–t I got today…wrong.”

Weeks later she was seen cheering her heart out for American Olympians at Rio.

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