`Less-raunchy` Bey wins `XO` lawsuit

Washington D.C., Oct 23 (ANI): Beyonce has won a legal battle revolving around her 2013 song ‘XO,’ which was accused of being track ‘XOXO’s rip-off because she wasn’t sexy enough in the video as compared to the other song.

The federal judge has explained that the ‘XO’ AND ‘XOXO’ songs were neither similar musically or lyrically nor they had same themes, TMZ.com reported.

In addition to this, the judge declared that Ahmad Javon Lane, who filed the lawsuit against the 34-year-old singer for copying music tune, was more raw and raunchier with explicitly sexual lyrics, such as describing himself as horny and loving every inch of someone, whereas Beyonce’s track was more tame and filled with romantic metaphors. (ANI)

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