Let’s talk about sex-ed, says PC candidate Doug Ford

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The sex-ed curriculum which roiled Ontario not so long ago could make a comeback as Ontario PC leadership hopeful Doug Ford wades into this wedge issue. This week he said sex-ed was on the minds of parents and promised to take another look at the updated curriculum.

Meanwhile also capitalizing on an issue designed to rally new immigrants in particular in GTA’s swing ridings, even Christine Elliott the other PC leadership hopeful believes parents need to be consulted on the sex-ed lessons. Caroline Mulroney meanwhile has sensibly stated that she was not in support of “undoing any of the changes that have already been made,” but future, parents will have a say in curriculum updates.

At a press conference on Monday, Ford said he was in favor of reviewing all areas of the curriculum especially math.

Parents “are our first educators when it comes to our children,” he said, echoing social conservatives who fought the Liberal government on the changes before they were finally implemented in the fall of 2015. “Travelling around the province, that is the number one issue with parents right now.”

Re-opening the issue will undoubtedly win votes and seats for the PC party but it also risks bringing out the fissures in society, pitting the more conservative parents against the reality of the times we live in.

In a landscape dominated by social media and the easy availability of downloadable sex video clips and images makes it imperative upon the school authorities to ensure children have the information they need to keep them safe.

The issue of parental consultation became a central focus of those opposed to the sex-ed curriculum, a revamp of 15-year-old lessons that covers issues such as same-sex relationships, gender identity and cyber bullying.

While all PC candidates have indicated that parents should have a voice at the table and a say in decisions, when it comes to sex-ed, parents need to understand the reality of what kids are exposed to in terms of sex-ed outside of the classroom. Countering that information with a scientifically designed curriculum is the best way to keep kids safe. – CINEWS

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