Letv leads metal unibody cell phone trend

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New Delhi, Jan.11 (ANI): It’s hard to use just several words to define Letv’s Superphones, which is stylish and truly worth the price. Simply considering its trendy full-metal body, it’s one of the few brands in the market worldwide to do so.

Since last April when Letv announced to enter the smart phone industry, this multinational company has released four models of phones, including Le 1, Le 1 Pro, Le Max and Le 1s, among which two phones, Le Max and Le 1s, are full metal body phones.

Le Max has a bezel-less all metal design, first unibody metal phone in China. Since its launch in July, it has beated Apple and Sumsung consecutively for two months and become the best seller in China for a phone over 3,000 Yuan (30562 INR).

In China, people describe Le Max is ‘so stunning that it could take your breath away.’ Le 1s, the top seller in China since its release at the end of last October, has sold more than 2 million units in just two months.

The metal uni-body is breathtakingly sturdy and made for perfection with Aircraft grade aluminium, which makes it solid and reliable, the CNC processing duration of 3300s is exquisitely crafted for a seamless experience as a whole. Furthermore, the Le Superphones claims to possibly be the world’s only metal uni-body phone featuring a screw less industrial design leaves no trace of the industrial assembling on the design.

And although Le 1s is a full-metal phone, its weight is only 169g, 23 grams lighter than the same screen sized 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus.

The whole metal design didn’t reduce the signals but strengthens it. Comparing to the same full-metal iPhone 6 plus, Le 1s has better signal performance.(ANI)

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