‘Letv Superphones’ take a lead with fingerprint recognition technology

New Delhi, Dec 22 (ANI): Letv, a leading multi-national technology conglomerate, launched its Superphones Le 1s and Le Max in China in October this year.

They have reportedly sold over a million Le Superphones in China in November alone, making it the best-selling new product across the Internet.

The top seller, which entered the market half a year ago, have achieved great sales success with its unbeatable features and cutting-edge technology, making them stand out among the other smartphone brands.

Fingerprint recognition technology, for instance, has been adopted by a range of smartphone manufacturers. Le Superphones, however, have taken the fingerprint sensor to the next level through combining functionality, performance and aesthetics.

With the patented LeTouch technology, it boasts the world’s first mirror-surfaced fingerprint recognition, which enables flash recognition within just 0.15 seconds and 99.3 percent accurate identification.

It also allows touch in 360° to unlock the phone, with five fingerprints option available.

LeTouch with mirror surface is anti-scratch to give a hinder the performance of identification at all. While the paint coating on most smartphones in the market can only have the hardness as much as 3H, which will easily cause scratches and subsequently affect the recognition.

In addition, photos can be taken with the fingerprint button, which allows one to control the phone with just one hand.

Letv’s is undergoing extensive testing in India to ensure Indian consumers experience is nothing short of perfect. Industry experts opine that if the Superphones do indeed come with the stated configuration at disruptive price points to Indian market then it certainly will be a game changer. (ANI)

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