Letv to pioneer virtual reality devices market with new strategy

New Delhi, Dec.29, (ANI): Letv, the internet conglomerate, has unveiled its strategy of developing a Vertical Reality (VR) ecosystem worldwide with the introduction of VR headset, LeVR COOL1.

The Chinese giant recently announced its entry into the Indian and American markets, reiterated its leadership globally in open ecosystems industry with its new product launch in Beijing on 23rd December.

This launch will help in vertically integrating different value chains to break the boundaries between content resources, platform and devices and create an easily accessible VR world for Letv users globally.

Letv together with its content suppliers both in China and overseas, will build a library of enormous VR content resources, covering various areas such as movies and TV shows, music, sport, travel, education, games, news and documentaries.

LeVR COOL1 is Letv’s first head mounted VR product which has been programmed to work perfectly with its Le Superphones. It features a unique EUI VR edition which is the best configuration ever compared to its high-end counterpart in the industry.

The COOL1 will be available in India shortly after the launch of the Superphones. Official sale in China will kick off at 12pm on 29th December.

Unlike other content-playing devices that have been released so far, VR device is a brand new concept and is designed for a greater sense of freedom and imagination.

Adopting Catmull-Rom spline interpolating algorithm, LeVR COOL1 optimised its functions and achieved high-level virtualisation. With Bluetooth remote control, users can customize the desktop in terms of the type, order and other settings.

Letv’s entry has been doing the rounds in the media for a few days and reports of the launch of its Le Max are already out. The company is also rumoured to launch Le 1s following the launch of Le Max.(ANI)

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