LG unveils Next-Gen audio system in India

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New Delhi, June 13 (IANS) South Korean company LG Electronics on Monday launched its latest audio system — CM9960 X Boom Pro Speaker — that comes loaded with multiple connectivity, wireless sound sync via Bluetooth, sound sync and a host of other useful features.

LG X Boom Pro Speaker features a CD player for users to spin your favourite playlists as well as enjoy the tracks on the discs your friends bring over. It supports multiple formats including CD, MP3 and WMA.

The systems’s multi-connectivity option gives users the freedom to connect almost any music device whether it’s your laptop, smartphone or your tablet. With the X Boom Pro speaker you can connect up to three devices wirelessly.

With 4800-watt RMS output, the audio system allows users to wirelessly sync the music on your device with the speaker via Bluetooth.

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The system also comes with Pro LG DJ Mixer that allows users to mix audio files like a professional DJ and create seamless party playlists with LGs Auto DJ mode.

It blends each song into the next seamlessly, making it the perfect option for parties and the cross fader function helps you to create your own mashups.



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