‘LGBT activist’ Sir Ian McKellen feels ‘great relief’ at SC legalisation of gay marriages

Washington DC, June 26 (ANI): Sir Ian McKellen has admitted that Supreme Court’s decision to legalise gay marriages in the US is a great relief.

The Tony Award winner expressed his excitement on America joining other countries who have legalised same-sex marriages, and said that with this new change there would be a rapid domino effect, E! Online has reported.

The 76-year-old legendary star also hoped that America’s decision will further influence countries around the world, which have yet to accept LGBT marriage as a right.

However in a separate interview with another publication, McKellen mentioned that while it was a great accomplishment, people now needed to work on diminishing the prejudice that surrounds the LGBT community.

Septuagenarian McKellen had made his sexual orientation known early in his career, but it was only in 1988 that he ‘came out’ in an interview to the BBC Radio. He commented “I have many regrets about not coming out earlier, but one of them might be that I didn’t engage in the politicking.” (ANI)

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