Liberal candidate Shafiq Qaadri forced to apologize for bad conduct

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The conduct of Liberal candidate Shafiq Qaadri for Etobicoke North who crashed Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s campaign event Monday morning could be blamed on the heat or could be seen as a sign of desperation.
This is the riding which is expected to flip from the Liberals represented currently by Qaadri to the PCs where its leader Doug Ford is running.
Qaadri reportedly held up one of his own lawn signs and shouted during her press conference.
“I think we both share a common goal, Ms. Horwath, against Mr. Ford,” said Qaadri, who has represented the riding on the back benches since 2003.
Horwath called his actions “unfortunate.”
“Shafiq, if you don’t mind, I’m going to finish my press conference and then you can have all the time you want to talk to the media, but please don’t interrupt me,” she said. “It’s very rude.”
Qaadri later told reporters he had spotted the NDP bus as he was waving to passing traffic at a nearby intersection and decided to follow it. Qaadri said he had not intended to interrupt the event, but did not apologize for the intrusion.
“I will be honoured to quote Premier Kathleen Wynne, sorry, but not sorry,” he said in reference to Wynne’s comment made at Sunday night’s leaders’ debate when she said she wasn’t going to apologize for all her party had done to make life better for Ontarians.
Unfortunately for Qaadri, his leader Premier Wynne, dubbed his conduct inappropriate.
“He shouldn’t have done that,” she said, noting that her staff had reached out to Qaadri’s campaign.
Qaadri later tweeted his apology.
“Upon further reflection, my actions today at the @ONDP event were rash and inexcusable. For that I would like to offer my sincerest apology to @AndreaHorwath and her team.”
There are many liberal candidates who are seeing their political futures fading away forever and the pain of seeing all that addictive power slip away can prove to be excruciating. It can cause some very unseemly behavior like this display from Dr. Shafiq Qaadri. Perhaps after the elections the good doctor could write himself a prescription- a pain medication.

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