Liberals to scrap language requirement for Canadian citizenship

Ottawa, February 12 (CINEWS): The ruling Liberals seem intent on rolling back and reversing most changes made by the previous Conservative government especially in the area of immigration.
“We’re going to be producing radical changes to the citizenship bill,” said Immigration Minister John McCallum to the media. Those changes promise to scale back knowledge requirements the Tories implemented in 2006, whichcanadian-passport_feb12 required that new immigrants aged 14 to 64 pass a test about Canadian rights and responsibilities, based on a booklet provided by the government. The Liberals also plan to scrap a language proficiency requirement the Tories enacted in 2014. Since that time, prospective citizens have had to demonstrate an adequate grasp of English or French either by taking a third-party test or by providing evidence of language training by government funded language-training programs, which are provided for free.
It appears the Liberals plan to revert to something resembling the immigration system that existed under their watch in the early 2000s — which had no language proficiency requirements and only required immigrants aged 18 to 54 to pass a multiple choice general knowledge test about Canada.
But critics are wondering if scrapping the language proficiency requirement is a good idea. In any case, those seniors above 64 were exempt and anyone younger would actually benefit from taking the trouble to learn one of Canada’s two official languages.
Many immigrants who’ve been forced to improve their English proficiency as a requirement to apply for Canadian citizenship will admit that although it was difficult learning the official Canadian languages. It opens doors and gives them a better chance at getting jobs.
One thing scrapping the language requirement will do is give the Liberals an edge in ridings with large immigrant communities in coming elections.

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