Libyan army kills seven IS militants

Tripoli, Sep 28 (IANS) Libyan army forces, backed by air force and artillery, killed seven Islamic State (IS) affiliated militants and captured nine others in the eastern city of Benghazi in Libya, according to a military source.

“Major General Khalifa Haftar, general commander of the Libyan army, issued direct orders to launch a full military operation in Benghazi, involving heavy artillery, air force, and infantry. The army forces managed to progress towards Al-Sabri area,” Xinhua news aganecy quoted head of information office of the Libyan Army as saying on Sunday.

“Infantry broke into Al-Noran hotel in Al-Sabri area, killed seven IS affiliated militants and captured nine others, including three foreigners,” he said.

Libya has slipped into a state of anarchy and insecurity since Gaddaif’s fall in 2011. The North African country is plagued with continuous clashes and escalating violence.

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