Lily Frost and her Kelvinators to release new song

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Having had great success with the release of their first single “Witchdoctor,” Lily Frost and Her Kelvinators will release another new song, “LEAVE MY MAN ALONE,” (Aporia Records), on August 19th. Frost and the band will release a single every month, culminating in a full album.

The first track co-penned by Lily Frost and Nichol Roberston, “Leave My Man Alone” is pretty self-explanatory. A song about possessiveness, it’s a smoky, seething dismissal of an ex-lover coming around to tempt “my man,” complete with punchy horns courtesy of Gene Hardy, beats by Slakah The Beatchild, and twangy rockabilly guitar by Roberston, all grounded by Tom McKay on bass and basso profundo “bodyguard” backing vocals by band member Ted Hawkins. With a warning this powerful, the competition would just have to back off!

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Lily Frost is celebrated for her earlier recordings, such as 2008’s Lily Swings, which featured swing renditions of Billie Holiday songs, or for all of her 12 original albums to date. Well known from song placements in TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Charmed, Mistresses, Crazy Beautiful and Being Erica, or TV commercials for Chevy Cobalt and The Bay, Frost has earned a place in Canada’s music-scene élite.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
August 13th – River Rock Festival, St. Mary’s, ON 12:00-10:00 pm
October 5th – Orillia Jazz Fest, Orillia, ON 4:00 pm. – CINEWS

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