Lindsay Lohan chops off part of her finger in boating mishap

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Lindsay-Lohan…Plastic surgeon reattached the digit. 

Poor Lindsay Lohan!

The Mean Girls star got a portion of her ring finger chopped off in a freak boating accident.
Lindsay Lohan, 30, had an unfortunate accident on Oct. 2, when she got a portion of her ring finger chopped off in a boating accident, while enjoying time on the ocean off the coast of Turkey. Lindsay was trying to retrieve the boat’s anchor, and got herself tangled up in it.

We are not sure whether there was a ring on the finger.

As the anchor pulled the Mean Girls down into the ocean, and she attempted to climb back up into the boat and untangle herself, the boat’s anchor chopped off the tip of her ring finger.

Luckily, the friends who were with her found the detached portion of her finger on the deck of the ship. They then hurried Lindsay to an emergency room, and a plastic surgeon successfully reattached the tip of her digit.

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“This is the result of me trying to help anchor the boat by myself,” Lindsay said in a video she posted after the incident, making a little weeping noise. “My poor finger,” she continued.

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