Lindsay Lohan’s parents admit role in her addiction troubles

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Performing artist Lindsay Lohan’s parents Michael and Dina Lohan have openly acknowledged that their own particular vexed relationship affected their little girl and her issues with substance misuse.

Michael and Dina, who are currently separated, examined the despair they feel about how their conduct may have affected the on-screen character’s life and decisions amid an appearance on the “Steve Harvey Show”, reports (Perused: I’m hitched to a fashion stylist : Gisele Bundchen)

Michael said: “I think, unavoidably I think we are in charge of the way that Lindsay took.” He included: “Our separation, due to our relationship, influenced Lindsay to the point where she suffocated her distresses and desensitized her torment. Furthermore, it makes me extremely upset to surmise that she endured in view of the way I acted. I see it regular, and I perceive how individuals battle with it. This child is such a capable young lady and she’s come so far.”

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Dina likewise recognized that they shouldered a percentage of the fault for their little girl’s fixation. She said: “You know I think when she was little, she saw a large portion of the misuse. So Lindsay witnessed a great deal, and I totally think it takes its toll on kids.” Lindsay has been in and out of rehab different times in her life.  “CINEWS”

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