Little Emma gets a doll and ‘It’s got a leg like me!’

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American Girl Dolls

Last month, almost forty million viewers worldwide watched along as ten-year-old Emma Bennett from Hicksville, NY,  opened up an American Girl Doll box. Inside was not just the typical American Girl doll that many children receive. Instead, there was a modified doll with an above the knee prosthesis. Emma, who is missing her right leg above the knee, screams with delight and emotionally proclaims, “She’s just like me!”

Emma Bennett with her doll

Erik Schaffer, founder and head prosthetist at A Step Ahead Prosthetics, was so moved by the video that he invited Emma, her family, and her new doll to come to A Step Ahead Prosthetics in New York from July 19th-22nd to be provided with a brand new prosthesis. While at A Step Ahead, Emma will receive the best prosthetic care available, and when she goes home, she’ll be on a brand new, state-of-the-art, custom-made prosthetic leg. Emma will meet other children with limb loss who are patients at A Step Ahead and will have the opportunity to discover that she is not alone in her experiences. Also, since she is a huge fan of American Girl dolls, Emma’s trip wouldn’t be complete without spending a day in Manhattan at American Girl Place!

We’re very excited to have Emma and her family here,” said Erik Schaffer. “Her video serves as a reminder that kids with limb loss often feel alone and excluded, and that even a small thing like a doll with a matching prosthesis can do tremendous things for their mental and physical development. By providing Emma with a custom-fit prosthesis, it is our hope that we can help Emma live life without limitations.”

A Step Ahead Prosthetics is more than just a prosthetics facility. Along with being at the forefront of prosthetic technology and development, we’re here to give anyone who has lost a limb the tools, information, and resources necessary to allow them to achieve their goals. We provide healthcare, advocacy, and educational services so that our patients can live their lives without limitations! – PRNewswire

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