Living under public microscope adds pressure: Eijaz Khan

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Mumbai, April 3 (IANS) After the shocking death of TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee, actor Eijaz Khan says that “living life under public microscope for actors, adds pressure to live the perfect life”.

Eijaz, who has worked in films like “Tanu Weds Manu Returns” and “Lucky Kabootar” besides appearing in several TV shows, shared the difficulties that come with being a celebrity and has given an insight to the turmoil that actors go through no matter how famous they become.

“A lot is being said about the heartbreaking demise of a young, 24-year-old girl. Risking the assumption from the intelligentsia, that another disgrace is pimping a tragedy, I sit here to write my two bits. What might give me some authority is the fact that I’ve been there a couple of times,” he posted on his social media page.

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“Why does one become an ‘actor’? I think it’s because as individuals, they are so uncomfortable in their own skin, unhappy of who or what they are, that their only form of ‘escapism’ is to live/portray someone completely different (escapism – remember that),” Eijaz added.

He even says actors are “inherently unstable elements and eventually “lead turbulent lives”.

“Look beyond the glamorous arc lights. How many ‘good’, ‘successful’ actors do you think have stability? As a dancer, I had the rare insight in the lives of some of our biggest stars. I understand agreeing to disagree about this point is healthy,” he said.

His outpouring of sentiments comes soon after Pratyusha, an actress who became popular as grown-up Anandi in TV show “Balika Vadhu” was found hanging from the cieling of her apartment in Mumbai and succumbed to it. She is said to have been going through issues in her personal life, but the police is investigating the matter.

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Explaining the journey of actors who gain overnight fame, make fortune they never saw and the adulation that they get, the “Zilla Ghaziabad” actor, who rose to fame with TV show “Kahiin To Hoga”, says that as an actor “you are sure that the higher you get, the lesser people understand you”.

“I , me , myself take precedence over family and true friends. You feel entitled to a unique set of yardsticks. The fact that you have started living under a public microscope adds pressure to live that perfect life. This happens so fast that no amount of training can actually ready you. The pressure leads to insecurity. Insecurity of losing or keeping up with all you have,” he posted.

“And when all of this is coupled with a heartbreak or lost love, it gets dangerous. What coping mechanism can one resort to? Mostly escapism. Which in turn leads to self-doubt, lack of self-worth… depression. Hardly a week goes by without a celebrity ‘opening up’ about their struggle,” he added.

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Concluding with his own account on the problems he faced, Eijaz posted a shout-out to the readers that we should be “there unconditionally, hear out the troubles, make sure that the person doesn’t feel all alone, be proactive and should be there for the long haul”.

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