LKA announces 60th National Academy Award winners

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Mumbai, March 22 (IANS) The Lalit Kala Akademi (LKA) on Friday announced 15 winners of the 60th Annual Academy Awards here.

All the awardees will be honoured with a plaque, a shawl and prize money of Rs 1 lakh at the 60th National Exhibition of Art, scheduled from March 25 to April 8 at the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) and Sir JJ School of Art. The winners will also display their artworks at the exhibition.

The awardees selected by the two-tier jury are Chandan Kumar Samal (Odisha), Gouri Vemula (Telangana), Hemant Rao (Madhya Pradesh), Hiren Kumar Chotu Bhai Patel (Gujarat), Jaya Jena (Odisha), Jayesh K.K (Kerala), Jitendra Suresh Sutar (Maharashtra), Douglas Maryan John (Maharashtra), Pratap Chandra Chakraborty (West Bengal), Rashmi Singh (Uttar Pradesh), Sachin Kashinath Chaudhari (Maharashtra), Sunil Kumar Viswakarma (Uttar Pradesh), Tabassum Khan (Bihar), Vasudeo Taranath Kamath (Maharashtra) and Veenita Sadguru Chendvankar (Goa).

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This year, the Akademi received over 6,100 entries by 2,836 artists. The figures almost doubled from last year’s 1,433 applicant artists.

The 60th National Exhibition of Art this year will exhibit artistic brilliance and provide a platform to give appreciation and recognition to outstanding artists on a nationwide scale, LKA said.

The works to be displayed have come to the forefront, both in terms of material application and aesthetic appeal.

The show will cover artworks from a broad range of mediums such as paintings, sculptures, graphics, photographs, drawings, installation and mixed media.

The selection of the artworks was done on the basis of the quality of execution, freshness of images, innovative use of materials, novel application of colour and originality of stylistic markers in the works, it added.

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The first tier jury, which selected 286 artists and artworks from the larger pool of over 6,000, comprised Bhagwan Chavan, Jayprakash Jagtap, Jayant Gajera, Kishor Thakur, Madan Lal, Manisha Raju and O.P. Khare.

The second tier jury for the selection of awards comprised Sanjay Bhattacharya, Dinkar Thopate Chitrakalpal, Suhas Bahulkar, Navin Dhagat, Pandurang N. Deoghare and Prayagjha Chillar.



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