London could have its first Pakistani-origin mayor

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Labour’s Sadiq Khan is currently ahead in the polls

One of the greatest cities on earth will decide next Thursday if they want Conservative party’s Zac Goldsmith, who has the right pedigree or Labour Party’s Sadiq Khan who doesn’t miss the opportunity to remind voters he is the son of a Pakistani bus driver.

According to many, Sadiq Khan has led consistently in polls and could well be the London’s next mayor.

The campaign has been long and brutal. In ethnically mixed areas such as Southall, the Conservatives distributed leaflets to Indian and Tamil voters, apparently based on surname, telling Hindus that Khan’s party would tax their family jewellery and Tamils that Khan “won’t stand up for the Tamil community”.

It appears to be a two-man race between the two members of Parliament. Local elections are taking place across England on Thursday, and lawmakers will be elected in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Khan has sought to identify himself with the struggles often faced by first-generation immigrants and in heavily ethnic areas of London, he is receiving plenty of support.

There has been plenty of controversy and recently Mail on Sunday ran a piece with Goldsmith’s byline which raised concerns about Khan’s religion by raising the issue of Islamic terrorists.

Millions will be watching the outcome of next Thursday’s elections. – CINEWS

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