London’s most wanted burglary suspects revealed

London, Dec 21 (IANS) Scotland Yard on Monday launched a fresh attempt to capture London’s most wanted burglary suspects, including a man who is believed to have stolen 10,000 euros ($10,865) worth of gold.

Mugshot images of 12 alleged thieves were released as police officers attempt to track down the 11 men and one woman under the ongoing anti-burglary operation, Bumblebee, the Guardian reported.

Among the suspects is William O’Donaghue, 39, who is alleged to have stolen 10,000 euros worth of “irreplaceable” gold of “great sentimental value” from a house in Croydon in June, the Metropolitan police said.

“We are stepping up our activity to locate and arrest outstanding wanted suspects as part of our ongoing response to tackling burglary in the capital,” Commander Simon Letchford said.

Specialist teams made up of police from the Met’s territorial support group (TSG) and officers from boroughs are searching for suspects across London.

The TSG teams, which specialise in intelligence-led operations, have arrested 24 burglars since September, while the latest figures show more than 1,400 people were arrested in connection with burglary offences between September 21 and December 14.

Latest figures show burglary offences have fallen by 9.8 percent compared to the previous 12 months with the biggest reduction seen in residential burglary at 10.7 percent.

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