‘Losar’ celebration adds traditional fervor in Arunachal

Itanagar, Mar. 25 (ANI): The people in Arunachal Pradesh celebrate different festivals. Recently, the Monpa tribe in the state celebrated ‘Losar’ or New Year festival with great joy and fervour.

The picturesque hill station of Tawang came alive with the celebration of Losar by the Monpa community.

The festival, which is marked by offering prayers, incense stick and gifts at the monastery, is celebrated with high festive spirit and feasting together with friends and relatives.

On the occasion, the people from different tribes and religions came together and joined to celebrate with dances and songs.

“Losar is all about merrymaking. On the first day of Losar, we prepare feast among our families and on the second day we exchange gifts among relatives and finally on the third day we celebrate the festival among the community,” said Yd.Thongchi, a local.

During this festival, the young boys and girls performed a colorful traditional dance of Monpa community. A group of artists also performed a traditional masked dance called ‘Aji Lhamu’ to enthrall the audience.

“Losar starts from 9th February. So, it is regarded as the first day of the month and today is ‘Purnima’ which is the end of Losar. Today, we are celebrating Losar officially. I wish all of you Happy Losar,” said Sange Lamui, a local.

On the occasion, the artists from Bhutan also performed their traditional song and dance with their famous musical instruments called Yang-Chin, Pi-Wang or fiddle, flute and dranyen.

“This is for the first time we are here and it feels great. It’s a wonderful weather. Here the festival is celebrated with dance and songs same as in Bhutan. There is no such difference in its celebration. In Bhutan, we organize Archery match and different dance forms are performed. The people of Arunachal are really good and they gave us a warm welcome,” said Karma, an artist from Bhutan.

Losar is celebrated all over the countries where ‘Mahayana Buddhism’ is preached and they send out a message of peace, love and harmony through this festival. (ANI)

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