Losing a Presto card proves costly for many commuters

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More and more customers who’ve lost their Presto card are grumbling about the system that relieves them of the balance left of their cards.

One customer who lost her Presto card did the next best thing, she went online to cancel it but when she logged on to the Presto site, she saw that someone was using the card for free rides around Toronto.

The card was eventually cancelled, but not before she lost money. Presto policy states that a user is responsible for all charges on a card for a 24-hour period even after it is cancelled.

A spokesperson for Metrolinx, which manages Presto, said that’s because it can take up to a day before the various Presto-compatible transit systems (TTC, GO Transit, and various other GTHA agencies) can update their systems.

The Presto system has been plagued with issues since its rollout, which have been mostly centred around faulty card readers.

In December, Toronto Mayor John Tory urged the province to “get this program into shape” and a TTC union representative has called the system “a debacle.” As of January, it is now the only way for Metropass users to ride the TTC.

A number of transit users are now directing their ire at Presto’s online account management, which is being described as confusing and needlessly complicated.

Meanwhile there are kinks involved even when one is processing or replacing a damaged card involved.

Metrolinx is actively working on a new account-based system, where funds would be tied to a user’s account rather than the card itself. That change could make it easier for users to move funds around.

Customers can still access money tied to damaged cards, as long as they follow the correct steps.

Hopefully change comes in 2019. -CINEWS

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