Love scene with Margot Robbie leaves Alexander Skarsgardwith with bruises

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Melbourne, Mar. 31 (ANI): Margot Robbie almost roughed co-actor Alexander Skarsgard during a love scene in the upcoming flick ‘The Legend of Tarzan.’

The 25-year-old actress, who plays Jane in ‘The Legend of Tarzan,’ due out in June, left a mark on the 39-year-old actor, who plays Tarzan, when directed by David Yates, reports

According to the director, they were doing this love scene together when he said, ‘Just slap Alex while you’re making love, just kind of give him a punch.’

“It was sort of an earthy, sensual moment of her enjoying sex with Alex and the only bruise he picked up during the entire shoot was probably that punch from Margot,” he added.

Reportedly, the film expects to show a much tougher Jane than in previous Tarzan movies, to negate the ‘tough guy has to save the poor girl’ concept. (ANI)

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