Maddy now a `pro` flirt on Whatsapp, teacher Ritika Singh

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By A. Kameshwari

New Delhi, Jan 28 (ANI): In Rajkumar Hirani’s upcoming film, ‘Saala Khadoos,’ actor R.Madhavan portrays the character of a coach to an Indian boxer and newbie actress Ritika Singh.

But off the camera, the roles are reversed, with Ritika becoming the teacher and Madhavan the student, to learn how to flirt on Whatsapp.

In an exclusive conversation with ANI, Maddy spoke about his ‘Whatsapp flirt’ lessons,”She (Ritika) taught me how to flirt on Whatsapp in which I am a master now. She taught me when to send what emoticons and what actually an icon of banana means while texting, which even you might not know. So, yeah,”

Ritika added, “I just taught him how to make a chat interesting. I mean, to text without emojis is so boring, and there are around 160 emoticons on Whatsapp so why not use them. So, I taught him what to use when, and now his chats are very interesting.”

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Maddy, who has trained himself to look like an absolute boxer, said that there is still a long way to go to rip off his shirt in a film and he will not do so until unless he has a body like Salman Khan.

Directed by Sudha Kongara, ‘Saala Khadoos’ is an upcoming sports drama film which stars Madhavan and Ritika in lead roles.

The film will hit theatres on January 29. (ANI)

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