Made In India: A regal feast with Delhi 6 ‘tadka’ (Foodie Trail – Noida)

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Noida, Dec 25 (IANS) Have you been yearning to visit Purani Dilli to gorge on authentic kebabs, nihari, phirni and the like — but the fear of large crowds and congested areas is holding you back? Then head to Radisson Blu’s “Made In India” fine-dining restaurant, which, besides excelling in Avadhi and Lucknowi cuisines, has now added Delhi 6 “tadka” to its menu to entice and appease the palate of its patrons.

Made in India has a luxurious and cozy set-up inspired by royalty. The decor is classy with imperial furniture that includes special “maharaja” and “maharani” chairs. There are black marble walls, golden panels all over the place and long, flowy white curtains. The vibrant ceiling has an interesting display of shlokas, while artefacts like the “sainik” figurine and “prakash yantras” — used by royals to know the time of the day — add to the awe factor of the facility.

The staff — from servers to chefs — are warm and ext