Madge’s computer hacker sentenced to 14 months of jail

London, 10 July (ANI): An Israeli man, who hacked the computers of singers including Madonna, has been sentenced to 14 months of jail time in Tel Aviv.

Adi Lederman, 39, was arrested in January after an investigation assisted by the FBI, and had plead guilty to computer trespassing, infringement of privacy and property rights under a bargain, the BBC reported.

Madonna, who described the hack as “a deeply devastating and hurtful experience,” had to rush-release six songs from her new album, Rebel Heart, after incident which occurred in December.

However, the court did not specify that Lederman, who was also fined around 4000 US dollars, was behind the leak from her record.

The man had previously made a brief appearance on the show ‘A Star Is Born,’ which is equivalent to American Idol in Israel, before he was voted off, and the court said that his sentence was mitigated due to medical problems. (ANI)

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