Madhesi protestors ‘baton-charged’ at Indo-Nepal border (Update)

Raxaul, Nov. 2 (ANI): The Madhesi protestors have claimed that they were baton-charged by the Nepal Police for blocking a bridge at the Indo-Nepal Border near Bihar’s Raxaul town.

“Nepali force arrived around 5 in the morning in large numbers. They baton-charged the people sleeping in tents here and burnt the tents,” said Devendra Mishra, a member of Nepal Sadbhawana Party.

“The people left their belongings like phone, clothes, blankets. They (Nepal police) started pushing us. We came to this side on no man’s land,” he added.

Meanwhile, truck driver Ramesh Das, who was stranded in Nepal for the past three months, expressed his delight that that the route was finally clear.

“There were many problems in Nepal. We were eating spinach at a rate of five to six rupees while there it was at a rate of 40 rupees,” Das said.

Over 200 Indian trucks, which were stranded in Nepal due to the protest by the Madhesi community, made their way back home on Monday morning.

However, no trucks have been allowed to cross into the Nepal border from India.

Heavy security has been deployed at the Indo-Nepal border to curb any impending agitations.

For over two months now, the Madhesi protestors have been opposing Nepal’s new Constitution. (ANI)

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