Madhur Bhandarkar walks ramp with his ‘Calendar Girls’

New Delhi, July 18 (ANI): Priyanka Chopra seems to have a lot on her plate and probably that is the reason she does not have time for Madhur Bandharkar’s next directorial.

The bold director of Bollywood, who is busy with his upcoming project ‘Calendar Girls’, while addressing the media, spoke about his next project ‘Madam Ji’, that he wants to do with Priyanka.

Whilst discussing the possibilities of his project, the critically acclaimed director said, “Priyanka and I have already spoken about ‘Madam Ji’. The subject is really close to me and the character has been designed keeping Priyanka in mind. Even Priyanka is very excited about this project but she got busy with her next project ‘Gangaajal 2’ and with her American series ‘Quantico’ so she couldn’t give me the desired time for the shoot. Priyanka is a family and a home for me so we would work together whenever we both decide for ‘Madam Ji'”

Madhur has always picked challenging, controversial and bold issues to make a film on and ‘Calendar Girls’ is yet again a movie which highlights the life of models after being selected for a prestigious calendar. The movie will have five new comers and is expected to release in August 2015.(ANI)

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