Madhurima Tuli hurts herself while performing ‘Gatka’ (TV Snippets)

Mumbai, Oct 27 (IANS) Actress Madhurima Tuli, who is currently a contestant on reality TV series “I Can Do That”, got hurt while performing an old form of martial art called ‘Gatka’.

Madhurima, who received appreciation for her “pole malakkam” dance act earlier, will next be seen doing ‘Gatka’, which requires one to break 15-20 glass tube-lights on their heads and chest at one go and jump through a series of tube-lights.

During the performance, Madhurima by mistake hit the glass rod on her mouth and some shards of glass went into her mouth, causing bleeding. However, this did not discourage her from completing the task and she went to finish her performance.

“When I chose this skill, everyone warned me that I have to be very careful as this is a scary act and one that could lead to injury…I hurt myself multiple times as I rehearsed with glass tube-lights but did not give up,” Madhurima said.

“During the act, by mistake, I opened my mouth and took in some shards of glass which led to a big cut on my lips and my gums started bleeding. The production team immediately got medical help and the wound was taken care of.”

“This act required mental strength more than physical but the standing ovation by my co-contestants, host Farhan Akhtar and audiences present just made it well worth the effort,” she added.

Besides Madhurima, the show, which airs on Zee TV, also features actress Gauahar Khan, celebrity chef Ranveer Brar, VJ Bani , actor-singer Meiyang Ch?ng, comedian Bharti Singh among others.


Rachana’s character to die on ‘Maharana Pratap’

Actress Rachana Parulkar, who plays the role of Ajabde in “Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap” , might not be seen in the popular historical show after a few episodes as her character will die.

According to a source, the upcoming show will witness a big twist where Akbar (played by Avinesh Rekhi) will kill Ajabde during the Haldi Ghati fight sequence.

“One of the biggest twists in the tale will be seen in the forthcoming episode, where the lady love of Maharana Pratap, namely Ajabde, will be brutally killed by Akbar,” said a source from the set.

“It so happens that during the Haldi Ghati fight, Akbar sends his troops to attack Maharana Pratap and his army. When Ajabde gets to know of his evil plans, she heads to save Pratap, where she gets killed by the Mughals,” the source added.

“Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap” is aired on Sony Entertainment Television.


Playing mentally challenged person is very demanding: Aamir

Actor Aamir Dalvi, who is currently seen playing a mentally challenged person Moksh in “Badii Devrani”, says playing such type of roles is “very demanding” and it helps him evolve as an actor.

“I feel lucky to be a part of this show because it allows me to play such a challenging role. Trust me, it is not that easy. My character is repetitive; needs energy throughout the scene. Sometimes, I am under pressure of giving 100 percent to the ongoing scene,” Aamir said in a statement.

“This character of a mentally challenged person is very demanding and its body language is also very different. In spite of all this, I am loving this role because it is helping me to evolve as an actor,” he added.

Set against the backdrop of Kolkata, “Badii Devrani”, which airs on &TV, tells the story of an unusual union between an older woman, Reeti (Megha Chakraborty), and a younger boy, Vibhor (Mudit Nayar), even though their families are bitter enemies.

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