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Madhya Pradesh tableau to be based on Tribal Museum

New Delhi, Jan 22 (IANS) The Madhya Pradesh government has decided to showcase a tableau depicting Tribal Museum of the state in Republic Day parade.

The museum is situated in Bhopal, which centres around the life of tribals, their tradition of indigenous knowledge, art, craft and their aesthetic sense, and throws light upon the different dimensions of the tribal heritage of the state.

“The museum is the centre of attraction for tourists, scholars and researchers who come here to get acquainted with the tribals’ rich culture, and heritage and their tradition of art and social structure,” a senior state government official said on Wednesday.

The front part will display the outer portion of the house of Gond Tribe.

From centuries, Gond women have been decorating the walls of their houses by giving a variety of new forms to the applied mud and colouring them with the available resources and colours.

Above the house, a toy-cart and a ritualistic emblem crafted in the terracotta will be placed.

The backdrop in the middle and rear part narrates the origin of the river Narmada in wood craft.

“In front of the tableau, a wood craftsman of Gond tribe, two girls playing Chausar and a woman grinding spices and another wood craftsman of Baiga tribe crafting will be showcased,” the official said.

The middle part of the roof will illustrate the kids playing Gendi ball and some Gond instrumentalists playing music and dancing.

The end part will display an ornate house of Korku tribe and above the house there are instrumentalists of Gond tribes.

“The men, women and instrumentalists of Gond tribe will be dancing — ‘Saila Naach’ along with the tableau,” he added.




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