Mag faces flak for dubbing Kardashian-Jenner ladies `America`s first family`

Washington D.C., Oct. 6(ANI): US Cosmopolitan magazine might have brought the ladies from the Kardashian and Jenner family together after three years for its 50th anniversary but it has also brought a bunch full of controversies for itself.

The magazine has attracted unnecessary drama for itself by dubbing the Kardashian-Jenners clan as America’s first family as many people thought that the title was disrespectful to the real first family of America, the Obamas, reports

Responding to the controversy a Cosmopolitan spokesperson said that they are just teasing readers with their new cover, although who knows if Knaye West wins in 2020 presidency.

He added that the Kardashian-Jenner clan has more than 350 million fans online, more than any other family in the world, including the Obamas, who have 75 million. (ANI)

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