Mahabharata`s Krishna is now Big FM`s RJ

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By Mehak Sabharwal

New Delhi, Feb. 25 (ANI): Sourabh Raaj Jain, popularly known for his character Krishna in the recently-concluded TV series ‘Mahabharata,’ has now turned into an RJ for Big FM’s spiritual show ‘Arth.’

While talking to ANI, the 30-year-old actor said, “‘Arth’ is a show, which is going to tell about day today life’s emotions, situations that every human being goes through. It includes stuff like love, hate, jealously and lot of other emotions basically it is going to let the audience introspect in the night between 10 to 11 when the show goes on air to introspect into their own lives.”

Sourabh, who has already recorded five episodes of the show, claimed that so far, his experience has been good and he has also learned a lot from the show. He said, “The voice is mine, but the content is of the writers. So even when I am reading it before recording it I go through it, I believe that some part of it remains in my sub conscious mind so that’s learning and inspiring.”

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The actor, who claims that he is completely different from his on-screen characters, also revealed that he got this opportunity because of the image he created during his show Mahabharata. (ANI)

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