Mahesh Bhatt doesn’t want a biopic on his life

Mahesh Bhatt: My life is too controversial.

Mahesh Bhatt: My life is too controversial.

According to reports Pooja Bhatt, the daughter of renowned film maker Mahesh Bhatt is planning a biopic on her dad, but the director has squashed all the rumours as he feels that it is not feasible to make one.

Talking to a daily, Bhatt said, “Pooja wants to do it though, and I have been dissuading her. If she does end up making one, it will be a biopic on her — of a daughter looking at her father’s journey. Personally I don’t think a biopic about me should be made.”

He further added, “You can’t make a biopic on a person who doesn’t want it to be made. My life is too controversial, too subversive, too stark; the world can’t deal with it. The movie will be blasphemous. It will never see the light of the day. If you get a peep into my head, you would lock me up in a mental asylum. You would call me a psychopath. People won’t be able to deal with my thoughts and view.” – CINEWS

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