Mahesh Bhatt wants to become student again !

After a string of critically as well as commercially successful films like ‘Sadak’, ‘Zakhm’ and ‘Saaransh’, one would have thought that Mahesh Bhatt would hang his boots and sit back see the younger generation take over.

Be that as it may, the movie producer is a long way from retiring. Despite the fact that he may not make a film at any point in the near future, regardless he remains an student of silver screen. In a meeting, the veteran producer said he needs to learn as much as he can about the new styles of filmmaking from chief Srijit Mukherjee who will be directing one of Bhatt’s home productions.

He said, “A wise man once said that an illiterate man in the 21 st century is not one who knows how to read and write, but someone who is willing to learn, unlrearn and relearn. I’m in the process of unlearning and relearning. Bhatt now wants to see how far has the process of filmmaking reached, and what are the new developments in filmmaking. He says, “I want to know how the scenes are set up. I also want to know how directors talk to their actors to extract performances.” Well, looks like there’s no stopping this determined student of cinema! – CINEWS

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