Make America – Stronger Together sculpture unveiled

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Clinton and Trump themes combined by artist David Datuna

NEW YORK — American artist David Datuna unveiled his latest installation, MAKE AMERICA STRONGER TOGETHER for its first stop on the doorstep of Trump Tower in New York City. The artist has combined the themes MAKE AMERICA (TRUMP) with STRONGER TOGETHER (CLINTON) representing a divided nation, and created two monumental works of art with the hope to bring the divided nation closer. The 10 X 20-foot mixed-media sculpture was created in Datuna’s signature style contrasting different points of view challenging a fragmented contemporary culture. The work consists of two American flags facing back-to-back covered in a collage of newspapers, quotes and images reflecting the current climate with the messages SOS and ONE.

“Art and politics have always had a storied relationship,” said Datuna, “but this election has surfaced very dark places for us as a nation—and I couldn’t keep silent anymore. My 10-year-old son is watching, the children of the world are watching and we deserve better. After this election is over we must Make America Stronger Together by coming together as one.”

The central theme of both sculptures facing in opposition are hundreds of life-sized hands reaching outward from the American flag. The first artwork features outstretched hands forming the universal distress call SOS, surrounded by the divisive and manipulative rhetoric from the campaign trail. In the second sculpture the hands come together creating ONE, against the background of a hopeful, uniting, diverse and inspiring America. The plastic mannequin hands reinforce the idea that today’s cynical political world and its corporate controllers continue their attempts to reduce its citizens to little more than toys manipulated at will. Datuna’s last major installation in 2014, “Portrait of America” featured at The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, became one of the most attended events at the museum in over 30 years.

Smithsonian Historian Emeritus Amy Henderson stated, Datuna, an émigré from Soviet Georgia, illustrates the nations continuing sense of E Pluribus Unum. In his artwork the flags symbolism conveys the idea that, despite todays cultural fragmentation and diversity, we are somehow still bound together, one from many.

The two 20-foot American flag sculptures have been placed on a moving trailer as it makes its first stop at Trump Tower in Manhattan. The mobile artwork will travel around the New York area, followed by a stop atPhiladelphia’s LOVE Park on October 19, and continue to Washington, D.C. on October 20 where it can be seen at various locations.

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About David Datuna:

American artist David Datuna has been creating historical documents expressing freedom, global unity and the celebration of cultural identity in the form of sculptural flags, portraits and icons for nearly two decades. Datuna escaped oppression in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia to pursue his dream of cultural and artistic freedom in the United States.

He is widely known for his Viewpoint of Millions series, with his signature technique of covering his artwork with a cascading wall of optical lenses. The lenses in different magnifications and colors are fused together as the artists preferred medium. The veil symbolizes the positive and  – negative viewpoints of a diverse contemporary society, while contrasting unity and diversity among the adversity of the times we live in—yet we remain together as one. – PRNewswire

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