Malton will be impacted by proposed incinerator, says Councillor Parrish


Ward 5 Councillor Carolyne Parrish has committed to fighting an incinerator proposed on Tobran Road, south of Highway 407 in Brampton.
Not so long ago, Malton residents were up in arms against Benisasia Funeral Home’s proposal for a crematorium, it was successfully opposed.Carolyn_Parrish
A recent study from the University of Toronto identified Highway 427, near Pearson Airport, as one of Greater Toronto’s air pollution hotspots. Given this undisputed fact, it makes little sense to propose a garbage incinerator so close to a highly trafficked area around the airport. This is something that Councillor Parrish is questioning on behalf of Malton’s residents, 55 percent of whom are of South Asian descent.
Peel wants a new incinerator up and running by 2021. Peel launched an environmental assessment of the property more than a year ago.

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