Man raises money to bring stray dog home

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Melbourne, Sep 6 (IANS) An Australian man has raised $4,000 to bring a stray dog home from Greece.

Jacob Welsh from Geelong, 75 km from Melbourne, raised the money on a popular crowd funding website, to bring the dog, which he named “Chance,” back to Australia, Xinhua news agency reported on Tuesday.

Welsh said the resounding success of the campaign guaranteed Chance would have a home for the rest of her life.

“Thank you! She will not spend another night on the street thanks to all the help we’ve received,” Welsh wrote on social media on Tuesday.

Welsh said he and Chance became inseparable after he found her lying in a pile of broken glass on the side of a busy road in Greece.

“I called her over to me and she hesitantly approached, I gave her a little pat and ever since then she has followed me wherever I go,” he wrote on social media earlier.

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“I didn’t have the heart to leave her on the street after that so since then I have been sneaking her into my apartment, which has a strict no-pets policy.

“The sad reality of her going back on the streets is becoming more and more real as my time left in Greece comes to an end.

“Australia’s laws are very strict with this kind of thing but I have done the research and it is possible, just very expensive. If you can spare a few dollars Chance and I would really appreciate it.”

Costs involved in bringing an animal into Australia include a rabies vaccine, pet passport, plane tickets, airport transfers, de-worming medication and a pet carrier box.



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