Man with brain tumour writing ‘Dying with Swag’ blog

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London, Aug 28 (IANS) A young man from Germany dying from a malignant brain tumour has started blogging about his day-to-day experiences.

Dmitrij Panov, from Marburg in Germany, has for the past five months blogged about the effect his terminal diagnosis has had on his approach to life, The Independent reported.

The 25-year-old was first diagnosed with a tumour in December 2011. He underwent radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

After two years of remaining cancer-free, the disease returned late last year and after unsuccessful chemotherapy, Panov decided to begin a blog entitled: “Dying with Swag”.

Panov wrote his first blog on February 1, 2016.

“Hello, my name is Dmitrij Panov and I’m going to die soon. It may sound strange, but that’s how it is,” he wrote.

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Not holding anything back about his struggle, he wrote on 23 August: “Yesterday probably the most brutal, senseless, most painful, most tired day since the start of treatment … really, purest fatigue.”

He has regularly posted about not being afraid of dying.

“Last time, I wrote that I’m not really afraid of dying. Maybe I should have said that I’m not really afraid of being dead. When you’re dying, there’s still some life in you and sometimes I think that I’m afraid of life,” he wrote in May.



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