`Mano Ya Na Mano` Yogesh Raut all set to bring 1st Marathi found footage flick

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By Mehak Sabharwal

New Delhi, Feb. 22(ANI): Yogesh Raut, of the ‘Mano Ya Na Mano’ fame is giving a special treat to the moviegoers as he is bringing India’s first Marathi flick of found footage genre.

Explaining what is his flick ‘Episode 13’ about, Yogesh said, “Episode 13 is nothing but the fictitious footage found by police on the “crime scene”. The whole film is the footage recorded by a TV crew of a news channel who has gone to Kalshewadi to shoot 13th episode of their weekly non-fiction TV show SHODH (search).”

He added that the film is not from the Director’s POV, but from the POV of the Camera being carried by the TV crew. So, everything they shot on the tape while filming the 13th episode of their show is, in fact, this film.

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To achieve the sense of authenticity, the film won’t have any known stars, any background music or sophisticated tracking and crane shots and most of the film will look like Home Videos or disaster Videos, which are shot in real time, on impulse without knowledge of future events.

When asked that why did he choose this genre to make a film, Yogesh said, “After the release of LSD(Love Sex aur Dhokha) I strongly felt an urge to think over a film of its own kind and which has never been tried in India (found footage genre). In past decade we have seen foreign films like the ‘Blairwitch Project,’ ‘Rec.,’ ‘Cloverfield’ and ‘Paranormal Activity’ and I really liked the way of narrating a story with the character’s point of view rather than traditional method of filmmaking and I felt that this style of film-making creates a deeper impact on the viewer’s mind and looks authentic and real life.”

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Presently, ‘Episode 13’ is in a post production phase and is looking for funds. (ANI)

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