Many Sikhs not amused by upcoming movie Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd.

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Mumbai, March 18 (CINEWS): A large section of Sikhs, especially the diaspora scattered across the world are expressing outrage at yet another Bollywood slapstick comedy that casts Sikhs as idiots.
The film stars Vir Das and Boman Irani playing lead roles as well as Neha Dhupia.
To many this is yet another Bollywood caper no more ridiculous that 70 per cent of Bollywood movies, the only difference is that the film once again ends up making the Sikh community the butt of jokes.
The film is about two men who are thick as thieves and naturally they get into trouble at every turn when they are together, the trailer now available online says it all.
Critics of this film say that it completely destroys the Sikh image and will revive the stereotype of Sikhs of being stupid and slow.
The Delhi Gurdwara Committee has objected to the film and gave a warning to the producers to stop the production of the film.
Meanwhile there is a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) before India’s Supreme Court to ban jokes on Sikhs on the grounds that it “hurts the community.”
But while the Supreme Court has made clear that it does not want any group to be an object of constant ridicule, wondered how its order to impose a ban on jokes on Sikhs and Sardars could be implemented. The PIL filed by woman lawyer Harvinder Chowdhury and the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Managing Committee (DSGMC), have been asked to bring forward certain suggestions on the kind of orders that judiciary can issue.
Last year an online campaign started by the Delhi Sikh community on website has got hundreds of thousands of signatures so far. to ban on 5,000-odd websites that carry Santa-Banta jokes at the cost of the Sikh community has received massive support. The pressure forced two innocent Jalandhar-based Sikh comedians – Gurpreet Singh and Prabhpreet Singh – who have been performing under the names of Santa and Banta for the last 18 years, to change their stage names and are now known as Shugli (Gurpreet) and Jugli (Prabhpreet).
This film while will be controversial is expected to do well at the box office although there will be millions including non-Sikhs who will find the movie silly if not offensive and definitely far from funny.

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